2023 Chapter Responsibilities

A proposal to revamp the Area 4 Convention Team and redefine the chapter support role in executing the annual Area 4 Convention and Contests was approved September 2018.

Team Member Additional / New Responsibilities
Convention Manager – Sara Stone 1. Contact CVB for publicity
Contest / Stage Manager – Janice Westphal 1. Secure Sound & Lighting resource
2. Secure digital recording resource
3. Create digital forms
4. Secure Photographer
5. Create Photo Form
Treasurer – Linda Bloch No additional duties
ACJC – Maria Bunte No additional duties

Onsite Manager - Ann Cerney

1. Work with chapters to secure volunteers for the following coverage (see sample rotation schedule below):
     a. Registration
     b. Hospitality
     c. Education Classes
     d. Contest
2. Create and maintain supply kit for Registration
3. Act as Assistant Convention Manager

Registration Manager – Libby Brown 1. Create Name Tags
2. Create Program
3. Create Ad Form
4. Create Registration Form
5. Create Single Session Tickets
6. Prepare copies for Registration & Contest
     a. Contest Line-Ups - Quartet & Chorus
     b. Education Classes
     c. Maps to/from contest site & hotel

Judges Liaison – Maria Bunte Plan all judge and special guests (e.g. International Board Liaison) meals
1. Plan and Coordinate judges’ snacks in the hospitality suite and Green Room at the contest site
2. Coordinate Judges’ Transportation to/from the airport and the contest site

Moonglow Covered Bridge Harmony
Volunteers St. Louis Vocal Project, Village Vocal Chords, Area 4 Associates
More information on signing up for volunteer slots will be forthcoming once the Schedule of Events is finalized. Stay tuned!!

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