2023 Education Classes

Class Schedule

Time Class Instructor
7:00-8:00 PM How Can I Be a Superhero to My Director? Janet Foster
Director, Harmony Magic
Harmony Queen - Sequel & Change of Heart
7:00-8:00 PM TAGS... You're It!! Denise Thede
Tag Lover, Music Team Member & Bass Section Leader, Covered Bridge Harmony Chorus
7:00-8:00 PM Time to Grow Chapters - a Membership Roundtable Susan Spencer
Area 4 Director
7:00-8:00 PM HarmonySite 101 Libby Brown
Area 4 AC&C Registration Manager
8:00-9:00 PM From Beginning to Winning! Sandi Wright & Take 4
Director, St. Louis Vocal Project & 2022 Harmony Queens
8:00-9:00 PM Evaluating a New Chart Janet Billings
Music Judge
8:00-9:00 PM BOBO Warm-Ups! Jill Reid & Sue Kember
Performance and Singing Judges, respectively
8:00-9:00 PM Musical Opportunities: Making the Most of Embellishments Adele Merritt
Music Judge


Class Descriptions

How Can I Be a Superhero to My Director?            Janet Foster
We all have special abilities that we can bring to the risers, but we may need to uncover some of our vocal skills for all to see! We will discuss how to apply vocal and breathing exercises to your daily vocalizing. We'll explore ways to make your personal practice time show up as "superhuman" skills to your director at rehearsal. We'll pursue some ways of learning how to sing your part in tune with clues from the pitch pipe and the music. Please be prepared to sing a phrase or two from a familiar song. Ideas may include: "What a Dream Can Do", "Heart of My Heart", "Irish Blessing", "Thank You, Dear Lord, for Music", "We're Harmony, We're Strong", "A Song of Friendship" or any barbershop song you are very familiar with. Don't forget your mask and cape and please enter through the door! Also, all invisible planes must be parked outside!

TAGS... You're It!!            Denise Thede

So, you have made it to AC&C, and you have your two songs for the contest and one for the Moonglow, but that's really not enough singing and harmonizing for you! Well, have WE got the class for you!! Come join in with new friends and old to sing Barbershop Tags of well-known songs and maybe learn a new one!! Come join us as we sing, harmonize, learn, socialize, and have fun! Sing with you soon!!

Time to Grow Chapters - a Membership Roundtable            Susan Spencer
Come join the discussion on membership strategies! Thinking about both retaining members and recruiting new potentials, come with questions, come with ideas, and programs that have worked. Certainly, we hope to see chapter Membership Chairs but all are welcome to join in the discussion. The more the merrier!

HarmonySite 101            Libby Brown
Are you aware that Harmony, Inc. now uses HarmonySite as its database of information for all its members? Is your chorus now or considering subscribing to HarmonySite for your own chorus database? Are you wanting to know more about its many features? HarmonySite stores the details of all your members, ensembles, teams, events, documents, sheet music, learning tracks, video clips, photos, attendance, email addresses, mailing lists, meeting minutes, music and equipment libraries, member invoices, surveys – even clothing sizes. During this class, there will be demonstrations of the various modules available to all members.

From Beginning to Winning!            Sandi Wright and Take 4

Whether you are in a quartet, or you are looking for a quartet in your future, this class will get the scoop from the current International Champions, Take 4! We will discuss how to choose music, selecting coaches, discovering the personality of the quartet, and a full spectrum of performance techniques - From entrance to exit - how to stand, take a pitch, MC, or introduce your songs, and present the group for effective audience rapport. Do you ever wonder how a champion organizes? What to look for in a foursome. Plus, we will discuss planning, job delegation, the business side of quarteting, and conflict management. It’s a gold medal hour with Take 4!

Evaluating a New Chart            Janet Billings

You have a new chart. What should your group know about it before you begin singing? This class will prepare you for a successful learning process.

BOBO Warm-Ups!            Jill Reid and Sue Kember

Two classes in the time of one! Join Jill and Sue as they discuss the purpose behind Performance and Vocal Warm-Ups, and share some of their favorite methods for preparing your body and voice.

Musical Opportunities: Making the Most of Embellishments            Adele Merrit

What makes a performance musical? What's the importance of embellishments and how can they add interest, color, and excitement to our performances? Embellishments are a hallmark of the barbershop style. Learn how to recognize them and understand the purpose of echoes, swipes, bell chords, patter, backtime, melody hand-offs, solo passages, and unisons!

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